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Living Smart with Heart AI Program

Master Class - Secrets to Using AI to Improve Business Management

The world is changing. To improve your ability to compete today requires new tools and knowledge. For decades, we have been modeling business value creation to identify ways to improve decision-making. Research conducted through the pandemic revealed many challenges. The Living Smart with Heart Master Class focuses on how to address these challenges with AI.

Change creates need to rethink how data, information, systems and applications are developed. Opportunity to learn how to "Connect-the-data-dots" with AI is significant. The Master Class will give you comprehensive insight and know-how to improve the way you live and work. You learn about advanced capabilities and practices you can use to grow your business with AI. You get huge value by learning from masters in AI.

Many business problems run deep. Superficial solutions do not solve deeply rooted problems. Opportunity to develop data and insight with AI can make a huge difference.

The Master Class will change how you think about business information. Businesses commonly misuse and mismanage data. AI can help you develop data that you really need. Do you know what you really need? Most people do not understand AI. Fortunately, you can improve business operating performance -- AI will show you how.

Change is transformative when you can improve the way you live and work. The Master Class will help you develop "baseline" data derived from business DNA. AI can deliver valuable insight that can extend through a business ecosystem to power how your business operates. In the Master Class, you will learn how to develop strategies with AI tools to grow your business.

Smart workers are a businesses greatest asset and defense against risk. Data, information, systems and applications must integrate seamlessly to power a business efficiently. Business value create is the culmination of how people work together. AI can help you optimize work across an enterprise to ultimately improve core value creation. Once you know what possible, you can focus on getting the best results.

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