• Use cDNA Baseline Data to Power Corporate AI
    AI Data Engine & Platform Framework
    Use AI to Optimize Learning to Drive Your Business
  • Optimize Performance with AI:
    • Use cDNA to Lower Operating Costs
    • Strengthen Worker Engagement & Heighten Productivity
    • Focus Activity to Grow Business Profits
    • Improve Cybersecurity Measures to Reduce Risk
  • What is A2VMx?
    Link Activity 2 Value Metrix
    Grow Value by Increasing Effectiveness
  • Advanced Data Enrichment with AI to Grow Sales
    Forecasting & Meet Sales Goals
    Improve Operating Performance with AI to Grow Revenues and Profits

What We Do

AI Data Processing Engine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is difficult to understand. Complex capabilities take time to develop and are often difficut to master. Use AI to expand subject matter expertise as you improve ability to turn business data into strategic insight you really need. Develop the cDNA & GeoEconoMetric Data Models you need to process data with AI to improve enterprise value creation.

Leverage three decades of Historic GeoEconoMetric Data Models to power AI data processing to give your organization an edge. Use cDNA about your business to maximize development and delivery of new products and service solutions to boost revenues.

How will you prepare?
What do you need to know?
How will you find out?

cDNA Workflow
cDNA Workflow

Advanced Data Modeling

You need to know a great deal about data and information to create AI applications.

Global Investments builds markets working with early adopters of advancing technologies to optimize how businesses operate. Our AI Engine combines advanced AI Algorithms with Natural Language Understanding to produce real-time predictive data and insight to shift decision making into high gear.

What do you need to know about your data?
Do you have strategic insight you need?
What do you need to know about AI?

Risk & CyberDefense

Global Investments helps business know:

• How to improve your CyberSecurity?
• How can you reduce risk of being hacked?
• How you can use AI to lower risk?

cDNA Ontology & Taxonomy Map & Core Business Metadata Model

How You Benefit

AI Business Solution Workflow

Business Potential

Global Investments measures how opportunities grow profits and lower costs.

Once you know what is possible, you can get insight to develop effective step-change strategies, solution roadmaps and action plans to transform and drive your business.

Tracking & Improving

Global Investments helps you deliver more value in less time. We monitor needs of people and impact of information overload to improve workforce productivity. Gain the insight you need to think differently about how to solve your problems.

Business Optimization Process

Optimize Your Business with AI

Unlock hidden potential in your business data.

Know what you need to know about your data.
Improve the way you use your information.
Get the insight you need to drive your business.

Workers Profiled
Corporations Modeled
Solution Calculators
AI Algorithms

What Customers are Saying . .

Business Transformation

“Some of our projects are not successful because workers don’t
engage. To migrate our core systems into the cloud, we needed a
strategy that brought everyone into the process. Standardizing
apps and systems between business units was complicated and many
processes were inefficient. Global Investments helped us boost worker
engagement by modeling our workforce. They provided unique data
models we used to develop a step-change strategy that really worked.
Our transformation cycle was reduced by 60% saving us millions.”

- Chief Operating Officer

Life Sciences Clinical Trials

“As a major life sciences company, we need to improve our target
selection while speeding up drug discovery and clinical trials.
We must also shrink development cycle times across our global
workforce. Global Investments created a framework that models how
day-to-day activities drive clinical trial research. We used predictive
analytics to shorten cycle times to improve productivity and cut costs.
We automated mundane and inefficient processes to reduce cycle times
40-50% to bring new products to market in less time. Burnout has
dropped and our people work collectively to solve problems.”

- Vice President

Waste & Lost Opportunity Costs

“Global Investments provided game changing perspective by mining our data
to create performance metrics. When we viewed our data in a treemap,
we knew we had to reduce waste. Within weeks, we discovered more
about customer needs than we did through years of R&D. We realigned
resources using algorithms to calculate value. We worked on improving
effectiveness of workgroup meetings to make more time to seize new
opportunities. Results have been breathtaking! Sales are growing 15%
while costs have fallen 20-30% and employee morale has grown 200%!”

- Chief Marketing Officer

Growing Software & IT Services

“The technology business is brutal. You must be agile and innovative
to meet user demands. Advancing technologies continuously displace
solutions. As a major software and IT services firm, we use sales and
marketing data to guide development. Global Investments provides ecosystem
insight we use to identify and attract ideal prospects. They help us
mine hidden insight in client emails, texts, social media and documents
to track change so we can develop new tools and services. Global Investments
also monitors trends and markets to find new opportunities. Our revenues
grow because we have a constant supply of information to understand
and serve customer needs.”

- Executive Vice President